Evan Farrell

We met up with Evan Farrell at the Night Of Country in Barrie. This teen has a voice that would put you in mind of Scotty McCreery, Josh Turner or Jade Eagleson. Be sure to check out his music.

GOCCM: Pleased to meet you Evan. Where do you call home?

EF: Nice to meet you too. I call Stouffville home. Just a little map dot in the middle of nowhere. That’s where I grew up, and everything I have learned so far in life has come from that town.

GOCCM: Your new song and video, “Playlist,” speaks to folks now and to those of us of an age when that would have been called a mix tape. In it you drive my all time favourite vehicle. Classic Mustang.

EF: Ya, 66.

GOCCM: I’m so envious. Do you own that vehicular perfection?

EF: That’s my Dad’s. That’s my Dad’s baby. I am pretty sure if it was between me and that car, I am getting pushed off a cliff. That is my Dad’s child. I was 16 when I recorded that video, and so when I asked him, hey can we use your car for the video and we were driving close to a lake, he was not very excited about it. There’s a point in the video where you can see me pointing off to the side. I was pointing to my Dad saying, look at that guy freaking out over there. I was behind the wheel of his child.

GOCCM: Well it is beautiful. “Then It Came On” speaks to music as a thread that strings our lives together. Tell us about that.

EF: “Then It Came On”: the whole point of it is that you never know when something is going to happen. You go out looking for a night on the town with the guys, and the next thing you know you have a girlfriend.

To wrap it up into my life is that one day when I was 16 I decided to do music. That is when you start to think about life after high school. Where am I going and what am I going to do, where am I going to end up? And the only thing in my head was music so I said, okay let’s try to find something else, but music is really where it ended up. That is where “Then It Came On” came from.

GOCCM: What has been your highlight so far in your musical career?

EF: Oh man, it’s been a fun time. I have had some weird highlights. Basically, I have played some bigger name shows. I sold out the Burlington Performing Arts Theatre with Vanessa Marie Carter. She was awesome. We did that together and it was a lot of fun.

Playing places like this, a drive-in concert, this is going to be awesome tonight. Never done one of these before. Having “Playlist” ranked #26 song of 2019 on the indie artist charts, and it reached CBC Radio Top 50. That was pretty cool for my first single. I was 17 when that happened. Those are things that I will never forget until I die. I will have quite the stories to tell when I get older.

GOCCM: Yes, you will have lots of good stories. Do you prefer short cut hair or flowing long mane?

EF: Here’s the thing. I like the long hair.

GOCCM: I do too.

EF: I really like the long hair. I started with short hair, though, so I would have to rebrand and everything — but if I find a spot in the middle, a happy middle, I would be good. I like the long hair, but it did get to a point where I was getting annoyed with it. I trimmed it down a bit and I think I might have found that happy middle but it was getting quite long. It was kind of ridiculous.

GOCCM: Well I do like your hair now. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us just before this night of country music. This is the first drive-in concert I have been to.

EF: I have been to a couple. I have seen a couple, but never played them, so I am excited to see what it is going to be like.

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GOCCM: So after tonight’s performance, I am sure you will have more fans who will follow your socials and we will be waiting to see what the future holds.

EF: Thank you. That is Evan Farrell Music everywhere on socials.

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